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The TG-7FS is the leader in universal cellular fire alarm communicators.

Telguard TG-7FS


TG-7FS 5G LTE-M Commercial Fire Alarm Communicator

There’s a reason AHJs know the TG-7FS by name. Our commercial fire alarm communicator is unrivaled and provides a true drop-in replacement. Using 5G LTE-M cellular networks, the TG-7FS transmits alarm signals from the fire panel to the designated monitoring station.

On average, cellular monitoring costs the end-user significantly less than dedicated landlines. Using the TG-7FS to replace landlines with cellular also means that, each month, your customers will pay you instead of the local telephone company – hello RMR!

The TG-7FS is available with AT&T or Verizon service. The TG-7FS is also available with Honeywell CLSS integration.

TG-7FS Features and Benefits

  • 5G LTE-M technology
  • Dial capture allows for easy plug-and-play
  • Meets UL 864 requirements for sole, primary, or backup path communications
  • 5-minute or 60-minute supervision


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Telguard AT&T 3G Communicators will continue to transmit alarm signals past February 22, 2022