5G LTE-M Sole Path Communicator for Commercial Fire

The TG-7FP is engineered and designed with built-in simplicity. Like all Telguard communicators, it’s universal, highly configurable, UL and ULC/cUL Listed, and available for use on AT&T or Verizon LTE-M networks.

Features include using 5G LTE-M radio technology for better coverage and building penetration, plus it powers directly off the panel’s 12V/24V auxiliary power source and has a plastic enclosure with a smaller footprint.

The TG-7FP delivers the features and functionality needed most, and it’s perfect for many applications where space, access to power, and budget are considerations. Customers looking for a feature-rich sole path-only fire communicator at a great price need look no further.


Features & Benefits

  • Operates on 5G (LTE-M) networks, for a longer installation life
  • Meets UL 864 and ULC S559 requirements for sole path communications
  • Powers directly from the fire panel’s 12V/24V auxiliary power source
  • Interfaces with fire panels using a single DACT connection for universal compatibility


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