Thermal Imaging is Critical to Reopening Safely
Your Choice of Thermal Imaging Systems is Too.

The VIRALERT 3 delivers the latest all-in-one technology, from one of the earliest pioneers in thermal imaging.


VIRALERT 3 Integrated Human Body Temperature Screening System

When you’re laser-focused on a technology for over 70 years, you earn the reputation of being an expert. The VIRALERT 3 brings those years of expertise to help businesses large and small reopen safely, easily, and accurately.

The all-in-one integration of the blackbody reference source and thermal imager on the same mount makes the VIRALERT 3 easier to set up and use, takes less space, and assures more consistent, accurate readings. The VIRALERT 3 is manufactured to be compliant with the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act).

*System requires laptop/PC with Windows 10*


  • Instant, non-intrusive infrared thermal imaging from a distance
  • Fixed calibration source ensures reliability
  • Automatic face detection for best monitoring points


  • Non-contact temperature monitoring camera
  • Immediately detects elevated skin temperature
  • Scans in compliance with social distance requirements


  • Intuitive user control
  • Audible alarm and on-screen notification
  • Automated operation option
  • Camera and blackbody mount on a single tripod, desk/wall, or ceiling mount for easier installation/operation and more accurate results


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