Experience a Seamless Transition

Our UPS standalone solutions deliver clean, continuous power, via online double conversion technology, to ensure the safe shutdown of equipment in the event of an outage. All incoming power is converted from AC to DC, and then back to AC. If the main power is interrupted, the batteries are still holding up the incoming DC supply to the inverter, so the load continues to be supplied with absolutely no interruption whatsoever. The zero transfer time guarantees mission critical equipment remains up and running.

Available in 1000, 2000, and 3000 VA configurations with hot swappable internal batteries to ensure maintenance can be performed without powering down connected equipment. All three solutions have extended scalable runtimes of up to 8 hours via selfcharging extended battery packs.

Experience a seamless transition during short-term outages and easily convert to a backup supply with our standalone solutions.

TG-UPS Features and Benefits:

  • Online double conversion technology.
  • True sine wave output.
  • LED indicators to provide status information.
  • Controllable receptacles.
  • Hot swappable battery.
  • Configurable as tower or 19” rack.
  • Intuitive LCD screen.
  • Optional SNMP card to monitor and manage the UPS via the network.


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