Power & Expansion Module Accessory for the TG-7 Series

You love our TG-7 commercial series of alarm communicators for their unmatched reliability. Now you’ll love them for their superior flexibility as well.

With the TG-PEM Power & Expansion Module, you now have access to the TG-7 features you’ve requested most.

The TG-PEM’s power module allows you to run the TG7-FS off of 24-volt panel power, so you won’t need to hire an electrician to install an outlet.

The TG-PEM’s zone expander allows you to expand the TG-7’s intrusion system with 8 highly configurable zones—16 if you use two TG-PEMs.

More functionality, fewer costs and minimal effort? Done, done and done.

Installation Videos


Installing Primarily as a Panel-Driven Power Source

Installing Primarily for Adding Inputs/Zones

Installing Where the Fire Panel Lacks a DACT

TG-PEM Features and Benefits:

  • Added zones can be configured easily in the Telguard dealer portal.
  • Installation hardware is included.
  • LED indicators to provide status information.
  • Connect panel output relays to the TG-PEM to enable Central Station reporting. No DACT, no problem.
  • Meets UL 864, UL 1610, ULC S304 and ULC S559 requirements for use in the U.S. and Canada.


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