LTE Network Upgrade Kit for TG-7 Series Communicators

Telguard’s TG-KIT, certified for AT&T and Verizon LTE networks, makes the conversion of 3G Telguard commercial intrusion and fire communicators simple and affordable. With the kit, 3G versions of the TG-7, TG-7A, TG-7F, TG-7FM, TG-7FS and TG-7S can be easily upgraded without having to remove the existing enclosure, antenna or power supply.

In a matter of minutes, you can simply replace the 3G circuit board with a new TG-KIT for LTE networks without disturbing the site’s UL certifications. This upgrade increases the longevity of a Telguard cellular unit, ensuring customer retention and protecting your earned revenue. Activation and service procedures remain the same as they have been for Telguard’s 3G products.

TG-KIT Features and Benefits

  • Upgrades all 3G Telguard TG-7 series communicators to LTE networks
  • Provides RMR protection by leveraging LTE technology
  • Includes circuit board, PCB mounting and grounding screws and mounting plate and accessories for chassis conversion of older devices


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