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Available with all residential Telguard universal communicators, HomeControl Flex is the interactive solution that guards your RMR and puts your customers in charge of integrating their lives.

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Installing and registering Telguard products has never been faster and easier – download the free app and start taking over.

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Uploading and downloading on security panels is a breeze with the Telguard Virtual Modem. Using cellular networks, it allows commands to flow seamlessly and securely.

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telguard tools

Installer tools for technicians

Telguard Installer Tools is a free app that makes installing and registering Telguard products faster and easier. With a smartphone, a technician can activate or replace Telguard devices, verify a HomeControl Flex installation and even leverage the smartphone’s camera as a barcode reader to quickly and accurately capture the product serial number.
The Telguard Installer Tools app allows technician’s to quickly and efficiently service customers. Download the app today and use your Telguard Online dealer credentials to sign in. If you don’t have a Telguard Dealer account, visit portal.telguard.com to become our newest dealer.

With the user-friendly, easy to navigate Telguard Installer Tools app:
* Quickly swap devices with the use of the barcode scanner or by simply entering the serial number.
* Verify the installation of HomeControl Flex (formally Telguard Interactive)
* Add additional features and services with the touch of a button.


telguard virtual modem

Panel Downloading

Our patented approach to upload and download on panels uses a virtual modem installed on the PC with your OEM downloading software. The Telguard Virtual Modem is a software modem that appears as a hardware modem to your downloading software. Using a distinct number associated with the Telguard device, the Telguard Virtual Modem can pass commands seamlessly and securely over the internet between your downloading application and the connected panel through the Cellular network. No more landlines needed.

Dealers can log in to familiar software programs like Honeywell Compass Downloader® and Interlogix Enterprise Downloader® or any other package that supports modem downloading to send panel programming through their Telguard LTE communicators and directly to the panel.

Technical Specifications


To install and use the Telguard Virtual Modem, please ensure the following prerequisites are observed:

  • Telguard Virtual Modem is compatible with 64-bit computers running Windows 7 or later.
  • All Telguard LTE Universal Communicators are supported.
  • Telguard Virtual Modem enables software such as Honeywell Compass, Interlogix Enterprise Donwloader, DLX 900 v5.9.5, and DSC DLS5 to provide upload/download connectivity through Telguard LTE communicators.
  • The computer must support Microsoft .Net 4.0 which is installed if required.
  • This product protected by U.S. Patent #16/938,095

Verified Panels

  • Honeywell Vista 10P, 15P, 20P
  • Honeywell Vista 128
  • Interlogix Concord
  • Interlogix Concord Express
  • Interlogix NX-6, NX-8
  • DSC Power Series
  • DSC Neo

Additional Resources


Installation Tutorial Video

Complete form and download

  • If the panel is not listed, it may still be compatible. If you have success, let us know and we'll add it to our growing list of supported panels.


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