Telguard puts nearly four decades of alarm communications expertise into every fire alarm communicator we produce. For almost a decade, Telguard was known in the commercial fire space for the TG-7FS communicator, but in 2022, we have five different UL864 (ULC S559) Listed commercial fire products. We’ve transitioned into newer, better technology with these two […]

The 3G network sunset is upon us. This year, AT&T will be shutting down its 3G network on February 22, while Verizon is committed to shutting down its CDMA network on December 31. During the last several months, dealers may have heard of efforts by the life safety and security industry to persuade AT&T to […]

As a design-manufacturing company and recognized quality service provider for nearly four decades, Telguard doesn’t immediately jump on the latest technology just to be “first.” It’s more important to be a trusted source of knowledge that can recognize shifts in the industry, based on feedback it receives, to determine when the time is right for […]

5 Things Canadian Fire System Dealers Need to Ask

Fire system dealers have a lot of options when it comes to selecting a fire alarm communicator. Here is a list of five questions every fire system dealer needs to ask before deciding on a platform[…]

Landline telephones have been used for communication since the 1800s. While the “plain old telephone system,” or POTS, was traditionally used for fire system communication, the rise of cellular communication presents a better alternative. Here’s why cellular communication offers a more reliable and cost-effective solution for fire system communication[…]

Yet another technology shift is coming to the cellular industry and that, of course, will affect the security industry. However, with effective planning, you can help your customers navigate this change—and even add value to current contracts. Whether you are looking at takeovers, upgrades or new installs, LTE is the way to go. Just like […]

This series of blogs looks at the commercial fire industry from every angle—from state fire marshals to distribution partners to central stations and commercial integrators. The blogs provide insight into how to start and grow a commercial fire business.   In this first blog, Andy Boyd, President of commercial fire integrator at Integrated Protection Services […]

Setting the Record Straight on 2G, 3G and 4G

Cellular alarm communicators are one of the few tools that reward security dealers with increased productivity, reduced maintenance and access to many revenue generating services for such a low cost. They are based on quality technology that, along with other high-grade electronics, will eventually evolve to an even higher level. The 2G Sunset is the date when […]


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Telguard AT&T 3G Communicators will continue to transmit alarm signals past February 22, 2022