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they integrate their lives.

Give your customers the freedom to arm and disarm their security systems anytime, anywhere—takeover with Telguard and HomeControl Flex today! You can now use Amazon’s Alexa to get status or arm your security panel.

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HomeControl Flex allows you to meet the growing demand for interactive services. And with Telguard’s dealer-first approach, you save on support costs.

Telguard communicators integrate seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and Arlo wire-free HD cameras. Plus, our free mobile app—Home Control Flex—allows you to control your alarm system remotely from anywhere. So go ahead, flex your independence and takeover with Telguard today


Arlo’s Wire-Free HD Cameras allow you to keep an eye on your property through the Arlo Mobile App

Personalized marketing

Features a customizable portal and mobile app, utilizing your dealer logo and brand

Multiple Sites Feature

Access up to 5 HomeControl Flex accounts with a single login

“Alexa, boost my RMR”

HomeControl Flex now works with Amazon Alexa.

When end users connect their security systems using HomeControl Flex, they can take advantage of hands-free Amazon Alexa voice controls. Use the HomeControl Flex Security Panel Control skill to arm your system or check the status.



Your customers want interactive services. You want a stress-free takeover and reduced support costs. That’s exactly why we created HomeControl Flex. Learn more about the experience you can offer your customers.

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Telguard AT&T 3G Communicators will continue to transmit alarm signals past February 22, 2022