Telguard Interactive

Telguard Interactive

Now available for the iPhone and Android platforms, Telguard Interactive is ready to activate with all Telguard cellular alarm communicators for 3G/4G networks, making it compatible with virtually all alarm panels. This means that Telguard Interactive gives you an opportunity to easily increase your RMR not only from new installations, but also from your existing customer base, regardless of their currently installed security system.

Every Panel, Every Time

Unlike other solutions, Telguard Interactive works with your customers’ existing panels because it is a built-in feature of Telguard devices. Now interactivity is available for retrofits using Contact ID without the expense of replacing legacy alarm panels.

Easy to install and Support

With minimal programming required, Telguard Interactive leverages the basic features built into almost all security panels--the key-switch zone, output


triggers and opening and closing reports--for a quick and easy installation and registration.

For your customers, Telguard Interactive provides a consumer friendly online portal for fast system set up within minutes.

Customized With Your Dealer Information

We know how important marketing is for your business. Telguard Interactive gives you specific branding areas on the mobile app and the online portal making it clear to your customers that you are providing them with this solution and how to contact you with any questions.

Telguard Interactive delivers total security system awareness anywhere, anytime. In addition to giving your customers the ability to remotely arm and disarm their system from a mobile device, Telguard Interactive lets them receive notifications of any alarm status change, view arming and alerting history and securely share access to their system.


As more of your customers get rid of their landlines they need the ability to access their lives on-the-go. With Telguard Interactive you can give them peace of mind in the palm of their hand for a fraction of the price of other solutions.

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