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The Telguard TG-1B bundle, now certified for use on AT&T's LTE network, provides an ideal, cost-effective solution for residential applications. The bundle, which includes the feature-rich Telguard TG-1 and the battery, all in one enclosure, transmits full data from security and fire systems to central stations using the nationwide digital cellular network.

With today’s changing technology at home, including VoIP and other wireless services, a traditional telephone line may not be available for security system communications. The Telguard TG-1B ensures that critical alarm information reaches the central station seamlessly. Designed to make installation quick and easy, the TG-1B meets the needs of a growing customer base.

Featuring Remote Alarm Control Services

Designed to allow consumers to remotely arm, disarm and receive system notifications at an affordable price, HomeControl Flex™ is now available for the iPhone and Android platforms. The free app comes ready to activate with the TG-1B, making it compatible with virtually all residential alarm panels.

The combination of the TG-1B with Telguard Interactive allows you to easily increase RMR not only from new installations, but also from your existing customer base, without the expense of replacing their current alarm panels.


The TG-1B Bundle

Makes installation simple
  • The battery fits entirely inside the enclosure.
Delivers recurring revenue
  • Generate additional monthly revenue by leveraging Telguard’s time-proven network services for another dimension of monitoring.
Expands your suite of solutions
  • A wireless alarm bundle in your portfolio gives customers more options for greater protection
Helps to increase your customer base
  • Reach new customers without a traditional phone line by providing a secure wireless alarm solution.
Enhances service call efficiency
  • With the TG1 and the battery both in one box, return trips to pick up forgotten equipment are eliminated.

Telguard technology allows full data reporting for unlimited point-to-point signal details. Superior in-building penetration is achieved by transmitting with the maximum allowable power. Telguard products are easy to install, economical and UL Listed.

The Telguard TG-1B Features and Benefits

  • Maintains a vital wireless link to the monitoring station
  • Provides a wireless alarm communication solution for homes without traditional telephone service (VoIP and cell only)
  • Meets UL Residential Primary listing requirements for combined Burglary and Fire applications


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Primary Residential Cellular Alarm Communicator
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