Cellular PERS Communicator

  With the continued demise of landlines the need for cellular solutions in various markets is increasing. Telguard’s TG-P helps you address the needs of the Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) market, a service tied to the landline, allowing you to increase and protect your RMR. Leveraging 25 years of wireless technology and security expertise, the TG-P cellular PERS communicator reliably addresses the landline sunset and the rise of cellular adoption.

Understanding that a lost landline often means lost RMR, the TG-P was designed to be easily mailed to and self-installed by the end customer.

The TG-P...

  • a landline replacement compatible with virtually all PERS panels.
  • ...was designed for quick and easy self-installation.
  • ...does not require proprietary central station equipment. 
  • ...leverages technology for 3G/4G networks to protect your hardware investment.
  • compliant with the UL 1637 standard for Home Health Care Signaling Equipment.  


The Telguard Approach

Telguard’s approach to PERS communications is to offer reliable solutions that interoperate with the widest variety of alarm receivers.

Unlike other two-way voice over cellular offerings, Telguard’s approach does not require central station operators to purchase and maintain proprietary equipment. As long as a dealer's central station advertises support for two-way voice, the TG-P can be installed to deliver it.


Compatible with virtually all PERS panels

The TG-P was designed to work with any PERS device that leverages Contact ID for alarm and two-way voice signaling.

Examples of compatible PERS manufacturer's equipment* include:
  • Mytrex
  • Linear
  • LogicMark
  • Visonic
  • Bosch
  • Many other manufacturers using Contact ID


*Linear, LogicMark, Visonic and Bosch names and trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

**In Canada, Telguard products and services are offered and sold under the Telular brand.



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