All-In-One PERS Solution


  Mytrex’s MXD3G, integrated with Telguard’s cellular technology and service, provides a robust, easy to install cellular solution without the need for a telephone line. Ideal for new and existing customers, the MXD3G allows seniors to access help in case of a medical emergency at an affordable price.

Leveraging Telguard’s cellular technology and service as the communications system for the MXD3G, makes it one of today's only complete turnkey cellular PERS solution.

Understanding that a lost landline often means lost RMR, the MXD3G was designed to be easily mailed to and self-installed by the end customer.

The MXD3G...

  • a complete turn-key cellular PERS solution.
  • ...was designed for quick and easy self-installation.
  • ...does not require proprietary central station equipment. 
  • ...leverages technology for 3G/4G networks to protect your hardware investment.


The Telguard Approach

Telguard’s approach to PERS communications is unlike other two-way voice over cellular offerings. Our approach does not require central station operators to purchase and maintain proprietary equipment. As long as a dealer's central station advertises support for two-way voice, the MXD3G can be installed to deliver it.

Fall Detection Button
The ASM-MYAA fall detection button for the MXD3 utilizes BioSensic’s clinically and academically validated ActivePERS technology, and proves to be the most robust and accurate fall detection button on the market.
Sold separately, this affordable accessory is capable of sending separate fall and panic button signals. It has an auto-cancel feature in the event that steps are detected after a fall alert is detected, the signal will not be transmitted to the base unit.

The fall detection button can also operate as a supervised Personal Help Button (PHB). It is capable of sending unique alarm codes for fall-type events, button pushes, inactivity, supervisory alarms, and low battery alarms.

How to Order

Contact your Telguard representative at 800-229-2326, extension 5, to order your MXD3G.




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