TG-SCI with Pay-on-Demand Cellular

TG-SCI with Pay-on-Demand Cellular

Universal Communicator Combining Broadband and Pay-on-Demand Cellular 
  The TG-SCI with SafetyNet for the Interlogix® Simon® XT/XTI is the industry’s first communicator combining broadband with pay-on-demand cellular. The Telguard TG-SCI with SafetyNet offers the best of both worlds for today’s security customers. It combines the economics of broadband with the always-on, reliable protection of cellular. 

Wi-Fi, an opportunistic path for alarm communications, can occasionally become unavailable. SafetyNet, the industry’s first hot standby cellular pathway that is fully pay-on-demand, ensures that alarm signals are always transmitted to the central station.

The TG-SCI is the ideal way to upgrade any installed 2G Simon XT/XTi panels. By simply plugging the TG-SCI into the panel using its 6-pin header, your RMR and your customers are always protected.  

Featuring HomeControl Flex™, Three-state Arming For use with Simon XT and Simon XTi

With HomeControl Flex, end users utilize a mobile app for Android, iPhone and Windows Phones to remotely arm their system with prebuilt automation rules from IFTTT to connect to the ever expanding list of consumer products and services they use every day. Additionally, end users have the option to include video capabilities with Arlo Wire-free HD Cameras, enabling remote viewing of eventtriggered clips, images and live video from anywhere, on a smartphone, computer or tablet.

Introducing the TG-SCI Expansion Pack

Now with the TG-SCI Expansion Pack, the TG-SCI works to deliver dual path communication from Simon 3, DSC Alexor and Honeywell Lynx Plus and Lynx Touch panels. SafetyNet combines the economics of broadband with the always-on, reliable protection of cellular, and ensures that alarm signals are always transmitted to the central station. The TG-SCI Expansion Pack is available now at your preferred Distributor. 



TG-SCI Videos

  • VideoOverview of SafetyNet

  • VideoCreate TG-SCI Unit Template - SafetyNet

  • VideoCreate TG-SCI Unit Template – Cell only

  • VideoCreate TG-SCI Unit Template – Wi-Fi Only


Product Features:

  • The industry's first universal communicator combining broadband with pay-on-demand cellular.
  • The TG-SCI's SafetyNet feature allows cellular to immediately back up Wi-Fi when the broadband pathway becomes unavailable.
  • SafetyNet lets you replace existing 2G signal forwarding accounts during the 2G Sunset for less than $1 per month.
  • The TG-SCI offers the choice of Wi-Fi only, Wi-Fi primary (SafetyNet), or cellular only.


Panels Supported:
  • Interlogix® Simon® XT/XTI

  • GE/Interlogix Simon 3

  • Honeywell Lynx Plus

  • Honeywell Lynx Touch

  • DSC Alexor