HomeControl Flex

Professionally Monitored and Customer Integrated

HomeControl Flex™, available with all Telguard universal communicators, allows your customers to integrate over 300 smart home products and web services with their security system using the free Internet of Things (IoT) services of IFTTT. IFTTT, (pronounced like “gift” without the g), is a service that lets consumers create powerful connections with one simple statement – if this then that. 

HomeControl Flex lets end users leverage wearables, their cars, daily habits, work schedules, almost any part of their lives and devices in their home, to connect with their security system, easily and affordably.

Mobile Apps and Portal

End users utilize a new set of mobile apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone to remotely arm their system with prebuilt automation rules from IFTTT. 

For those dealers who prefer the opportunity to highlight their brand, HomeControl Flex features a customizable portal whereby a dealer’s logo and color theme dominate the UI and give them a closer connection with their end users. As a bonus to current Telguard dealers, existing Telguard Interactive accounts can be upgraded to HomeControl Flex without any additional fees and they will immediately have access to all of the new features and flexibility available with HomeControl Flex: IFTTT connectivity, its portal and mobile apps.


Life Safety

Building on Telguard’s legacy in security, HomeControl Flex is offered with the following UL listed Telguard universal communicators: the TG-1B for 3G/4G networks, and the  TG-1Express and TG-4 for 3G/4G and CDMA networks. With HomeControl Flex dealers can continue delivering professionally 
monitored security while allowing the end user to self-integrate and self-support consumer products via free IoT services.


With HomeControl Flex, end users can easily integrate their lives with
their security system. They can remotely arm and disarm their system through IFTTT using the ever expanding list of consumer products and services they use every day.

Product Resources

Let Your Customers Flex Their Life

With new hardware and software channels added every day and millions of daily users, the IFTTT ecosystem is constantly adding the newest smart home products and web services your customers love. With HomeControl Flex, your customers will always have the latest innovations, but you will never have the costs or headaches that come with supporting them.

From classic home automation scenarios involving lights, locks and thermostats, to more unique actions like using location to disarm their system when approaching their home, HomeControl Flex and simple IFTTT recipes are all your customers need to connect to their system.

Smart Lighting

Your customers don’t have to stop at making lights turn off when the system is armed, or on when it is disarmed. They can now make them flash red during an alarm.


Your customers can control their smart home with their smart car by arming their security system when they push the ignition. Ford owners can even turn their Ford Sync button into an Arm My Security System button.


Your customers can integrate your professionally monitored security services with their existing Z-Wave products using SmartThings to enable the classic Z-Wave scenarios involving lights, locks, thermostats, and garage doors.


Daily Habits

Arm the panel when they fall asleep; disarm it when they step on the scale the next morning. Customers can empower the things they do every day to automatically arm or disarm their system.


Your customers can save money and energy by turning off their Wi-Fi enabled outlets and appliances automatically whenever they arm the system.


Your customers can adjust the settings on the industry’s smartest Wi-Fi thermostats whenever they arm or disarm their system. They’ll even be able to let the thermostat arm the system itself if it determines the home is empty.        


Break free from only SMS and system generated email notifications. From Twitter  Direct Messages to text-to-speech, deliver event notifications privately via the ever  growing list of services your customers use every day. 

Location Aware

With unlimited geofences, your customers can use location to arm their system when they leave their neighborhood or arrive at work.   

Powerful Schedules

Your customers can use their Google Calendar for arming schedules triggered by any event on their calendar.