Telguard HomeControl for DSC

Telguard HomeControl for DSC

Telguard HomeControl for IMPASSA and PowerSeries 


HomeControl OneRate Service Plan

Telguard HomeControl for PowerSeries and IMPASSA security panels with Connect24 cellular service is offered in a single, all-in price. The OneRate plan gives dealers a 50% savings over other interactive solutions while providing the superior performance features of HomeControl interactive services. This single, all-in price enables them to more effectively upsell interactive features, and capture higher RMR in today’s highly competitive security market.

HomeControl OneRate includes:

  • Remote arming.
  • Unlimited sensors.
  • Upload/download.
  • End user notifications.
  • Live & event based video.
  • 500MB or 21 days of video storage.

Video with OneRate

With the OneRate plan you can add up to 10 full motion cameras sharing 500MB of video storage per month to any system, for no additional charge.

The TGHC-CAM1 or TGHC-CAM2, deliver event-triggered video clips or images, or streaming video to a smartphone or computer.

Lower the cost and complexity of an installation by using Telguard cameras to support video within interactive services on the HomeControl plan.

Mobile App and Portal

Telguard HomeControl’s mobile app matches the sophistication and style users expect to see on their iPhone or Android devices. The Telguard HomeControl online portal lets your customers quickly and easily enter account information, contacts, authorized users, and manage their system seamlessly from anywhere, using any standard web browser.

Click below to download the mobile app:



DSC Components Compatible with Telguard HomeControl                                                                    


  •  Panel: SCW9057 
  •  Communicator: 3G2055


  • Panels: PC1616; PC1832; PC1864
  • Communicator: 3G2060R
  • RS422 Interface Module: IT- 230    

links To homecontrol Portals for C24 and Telguard SIM Users