Telguard HomeControl for 2GIG Go!Control

Telguard HomeControl for 2GIG Go!Control

Telguard HomeControl for 2GIG Go!Control 


Combining Telguard’s life safety communications with the award-winning iControl Networks OpenHome software platform, Telguard HomeControl allows dealers to offer cellular connectivity, interactive services and life style management, all in one the Go!Control-inspired user interface.

Connect • Interact • Control

Telguard HomeControl is offered in three easy to understand service levels: Connect, Interact and Control. The Connect service level provides all life safety signaling and panel uploading. The Interact service level includes full interactive capabilities. The Control service level allows the incorporation of Z-Wave devices. 

Voice and View

Dealers can add Voice to all three base plans and View service to the Interact and Control plans. The Telguard TGHC Camera delivers event-triggered video clips or images, or streaming video to a smartphone or computer. Built-in speakers and microphone enable two-way voice communications with the panel.

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Seamless User Experience

Telguard HomeControl provides a seamless user experience by delivering a sleek portal and mobile interface complementary to the Go!Control look and feel.


Beyond Basic Interactive

Unlike competing solutions, Telguard HomeControl’s Interact service level, offers the ability to build notifications from all of the panel’s sensors, not just arming and disarming.


Over-the-air Upgradeable                    

2GIG panels powered by Telguard HomeControl for life safety are over-the-air upgradeable to life style features, making upselling interactive services much easier after the initial installation.



HomeControl is now available with Go!Control panels.