Primary Residential Cellular Alarm Communicator

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The TG-1 Express, available for 3G/4G networks (U.S. and Canada) and for CDMA networks (U.S. only), is an extension of Telguard’s existing primary residential cellular communicator product line. It enhances the Telguard portfolio and offers security dealers an additional versatile, cost-effective option for their no-landline customers. Over 80% smaller than competitive standalone communicators, the TG-1 Express was designed with the needs of both the security dealer and the homeowner in mind. Its flexible features and functionality help reduce installation time at any customer site. 

Every panel, Every time

The TG-1 Express supports virtually all alarm formats (Contact ID, SIA, SIA2, DMP, Modem lle/llla2 and Pulse formats) using dial capture for universal panel compatibility.

Listen-in, Two-Way Voice Support for 3G/4G Networks

Telguard now offers an approach for supporting listen-in, two-way voice verification over cellular. The TG-1 Express for 3G/4G networks provides a robust, UL listed system for passing voice and alarm data reliably to the central station.

Uses Power and Backup Battery from the Panel

The TG-1 Express is the first dial capture cellular alarm communicator that is specifically designed and UL listed to leverage the power and backup battery that already exists in the panel. Now installation time is reduced because the installer no longer has to be concerned with the location or availability of the wall outlet.

The SLIC Option

Sometimes the best place to install a cellular communicator isn't at the panel. In these instances, Telguard offers a Single Line Interface Cable (SLIC) option. The SLIC allows an installer to run both the power and telephony to the TG-1 Express over a single CAT5 cable similar to how computer networks use Power over Ethernet to provide power to networking equipment.

*In Canada, the Telguard TG-1 Express for 3G/4G networks and other Telguard products and services are offered and sold under the Telular brand.


Featuring Remote Alarm Control Services

Designed to allow consumers to remotely arm, disarm and receive system notifications at an affordable price, HomeControl Flex is now available for the iPhone and Android platforms. The free app comes ready to activate with the TG-1 Express, making it compatible with virtually all residential alarm panels.

The combination of the TG-1 Express with Telguard Interactive allows you to easily increase RMR not only from new installations, but also from your existing customer base, without the expense of replacing their current alarm panels.

The TG-1 Express

  • Features clearly labeled LEDs for simplified diagnostics
  • Has an available trip input for reporting trouble conditions independent of the alarm panel
  • Transmits full data from security and fire systems to central stations
  • Consumes less power than a standard keypad, thereby simplifying system design
  • Meets UL Residential Primary listing requirements for combined Burglary and Fire applications




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