Telguard's 3G/4G/CDMA Upgrade Incentive Program

With the 2G Sunset already underway in some areas, security dealers must investigate and prepare for the inevitable replacement of 2G (GSM & GPRS) based cellular alarm communicators. The Telguard Upgrade Incentive Program was created to help dealers easily and proactively start converting their base of 2G customers to Telguard’s 3G/4G and CDMA solutions which will survive the 2G Sunset. This one-of-a-kind program rewards dealers who proactively transition their current 2G base today, thereby minimizing the impact of the 2G Sunset on their business. 

Telguard offers up to a $25* incentive to security dealers who replace existing 2G hardware from any manufacturer with Telguard products for 3G/4G and CDMA networks. It's simple, on your next service call to any customer with any brand 2G product, simply replace it with a Telguard 3G/4G or CDMA unit, follow the steps below and receive your incentive credit on your next cellular service invoice. Postage paid incentive claim forms come in the product box for all eligible Telguard products click here for a printable version which you can complete and send in an envelope along with the 2G SIM (postage required). Look for the Telguard Incentive Claim Forms in all of the Telguard 3G/4G and CDMA product boxes today.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade your customers today!


Step 1 
             Step 2                

Step 3 


Step 4 

              Step 5 







Remove the old

2G unit, then
remove its SIM
and attach

it to the space

provided on the

incentive claim


Mark the replaced

manufacturer in the

space provided on the
incentive claim form.


Replace it with an

eligible Telguard unit

for 3G/4G or CDMA network.

Write the 10-digit serial

number in the space

provided on the
incentive claim form.


If you are using the
pre-addressed, postage
paid form, seal the form
using the adhesive

strips and drop it in any


It’s already
prepaid postage

so just drop it in the

customer’s mailbox

as you leave.


For valid submissions,

up to a $25* credit will
on the next service
after the submission
is procesed.


  * Telguard dealers NOT paying rates specified on Telguard's Dealer Cellular Service Rate Plans sheet are subject to Special Terms and Conditions and will receive 
    $12.50 instead of $25. Check with Telguard to verify your incentive amount.  
** Offer expires December 31, 2016 or when five million dollars worth of incentive credits have been issued.
 †Telguard dealers billed through their central station must verify their central station's eligibility.   


The Telguard Upgrade Incentive Program is open to all authorized U.S. and Canadian Telguard dealers who install an eligible Telguard product/models designated for use on 3G/4G or CDMA networks during the promotion period as a replacement for an existing 2G (GSM or GPRS) model from any manufacturer (including, DMP, DSC, Honeywell, NAPCO, Uplink or Telguard). Eligible Telguard models include the TG-1 Express, TG-1B, TG-4, TG-7 Series, TG-7FS and the TG-SCI.

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