TG-7FS Commercial Fire Cellular Alarm Communicator
Resident TG-1B

Resources: TG-7FS CDMA for Verizon 


Available for 3G/4G networks, as well as CDMA networks, the 2013 edition and earlier of NFPA 72 allows a single, UL 864 listed TG-7FS to replace all of your customer's existing fire panel landlines. The TG-7FS can serve as the sole communications path for commercial fire alarm systems, transmitting alarm signals from the fire panel over the digital cellular network to the designated monitoring station.

On average, cellular monitoring costs the end user significantly less than a dedicated landline. Furthermore, each month they will pay you instead of the local telephone company for the communications path. For each landline they replace with a TG-7FS, their monthly communications bill decreases while your RMR increases.


True Drop-In Replacement

The TG-7FS is dial capture based so all you need to do is unplug the landline and plug in the new cellular communicator. All other aspects of the system—from the master control unit through the central station—won't notice the difference.


Every Panel, Every Time

Because the TG-7FS uses dial capture to interface with your customers' existing panels and supports virtually all alarm formats, it works with every panel, every time.


Five Minute and Sixty Minute Supervision

For existing installations, all landlines can be swapped for a single TG-7FS because of the five minute supervision mode (NFPA 2010 edition), as well as the new sixty-minute supervision mode (NFPA 2013 edition). When installed with multiple communications technologies, it is acceptable to supervise the cellular communication path just once daily.