Telguard Installer Tools App

Telguard Installer Tools App

Free App for iPhone and Android Smartphones


The Telguard Installer Tools app for iPhone and Android smartphones helps Telguard security dealers more quickly and efficiently install Telguard products and solutions.

By using the same credentials as the Telguard dealer portal, the Telguard Installer Tools app enables technicians to quickly and efficiently service customers. The free app allows a technician to register or replace Telguard devices, check signal strengths, access diagnostic tools, leverage a barcode scanner reader, and more, all while eliminating desk time. 

The combination of the Telguard Installer Tools app and Telguard’s Upgrade Incentive Program make swapping 2G cellular alarm communicators easier than ever. The barcode reader, which uses the smartphone’s camera, captures the device serial number and with one button a 2G device is swapped for a Telguard product for 3G/4G or CDMA networks


With the easy to navigate Telguard Installer Tools app, installers can: 
  • Quickly swap Telguard communicators by using the app's barcode scanner to capture each unit’s serial number.

  • Add upsold features and interactive services for new installations at the last second with the touch of a button.

  • Easily test the signal strength of any new or existing Telguard device onsite to ensure that it is working properly to eliminate the need for a return trip. 

  • Verify the wiring and operation of HomeControl Flex (formerly, Telguard Interactive).

Download the free app below:

To start using Telguard products today,   register as a Telguard Advantage Program (TAP) dealer at, it’s free to join and the benefits include 5% off hardware discounts, service discounts, superior customer support and much more.