Telguard Solutions for 3G/4G and CDMA Networks

All Telguard cellular alarm communicators are all available for 3G/4G and CDMA networks. Telguard dealers automatically enjoy the benefits of installing products that will survive the 2G Sunset. 

Telguard's products for 3G/4G and CDMA networks offer even more features than their 2G counterparts.
  • Telguard products support all alarm formats, including the TG-1B (formerly restricted to Contact ID only).
  • Telguard products for 3G/4G support two-way voice.
  • All residential Telguard products can now be powered off of the panel.
  • All commercial Telguard products can be configured for line security.
  • All residential Telguard products for 3G/4G networks support Telguard Interactive.